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Poultry in Minnesota

Minnesota ranks #1 in turkey production in the U.S. Minnesota also is home to the second largest turkey company in the world, Jennie-O Turkey Store, and the world's largest turkey hatchery company, Willmar Poultry Company.

Minnesota is 22nd in the world for broiler chicken production. We export a lot of our chicken meat as well. Our largest importer of U.S. broilers is Mexico. In the month of July, the U.S. exported 110 million pounds to Mexico.

The U.S. ranks second in the world for egg production. Minnesota is consistently ranked in the top ten.
Most of U.S. broilers are concentrated in the Southeastern part of the country as well as the Delmarva region (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) however, there are broiler farms dispersed all over the country, with significant concentrations on the East side of the Mississippi river. Central Minnesota is home to many farmers raising chickens.